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About All Shall Fade

All Shall Fade is a kinship on the Nimrodel Server for the Lord of the Rings Online. Who are we and what are we about? Well...

CASUAL! We're a group who just loves to play the game. We don't go crazy over stat-padding and items, we just want to have fun.

FRIENDLY! With well over three hundred members, we are a large, friendly bunch of players to meet and spend time with. We enjoy meeting new people, and we always like to welcome new members to our family.

HELPFUL! We help each other out all the time. Whenever members ask questions in kin chat, we try to answer. We try to help others out with quests as we can, and we work together to accomplish great things.

ORGANIZED! A solid officer core and leadership structure allows us to make decisions quickly and fairly while still maintaining our casual nature.

CRAFTING! We pool resources and work together to craft. We have Westemnet Masters of every profession to supply the kinship.

PvMP! We have high ranked players on both sides of the fence in the Ettenmoors. We work together in groups to succeed and have fun. Our experienced members are always glad to help out people new to the 'Moors.

RAIDS! We have developed a strong, experienced raiding group that regularly faces the various raid challenges. We also hold scheduled and non-scheduled instance runs dozens of times each week.

EVENTS! We hold large events and invite all players to attend them. Parties, sparring tournaments, races, hunts, games, and concerts... all are great fun for all!

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Instance Wishlist

by Saelios, 20 days ago

We've added a widget on the left side of kin site pages, entitled Instance Wishlist.  Please submit a request for anything you'd like to run, and convenient times, so the raid leaders will know what people are interested in doing.

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