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re: App: Viradriel


The application submitted by Viradriel is as follows:


Name : Viradriel

  Game : Lord of the Rings Online

Server : Landroval

  Level : 120 G

: Female

Race : Elf C

: Hunter  

nameof your main character?: Viradriel

 What is the name of your first alt? (If any): Elvireth 

 name of your second alt? (If any): Marywyn

What is the name of your third alt? (If any): Marilan

List the names of any other characters you have.: Eaowynn, Eaoreth, Eldorieth, elvereth, Faloosi, Gwathriel, Rosalitta, Rubeerose, tinuvilos, Vileth, Villori, Virandor, Virwen, 

 please list which ones and anything about your accomplishments. (Guild leader, raider, etc.): I love tobpkayblorto have played for 12 years and I have never keot track on in game accomplishments. My family comes first before the game but I like to do pretty much everything in game.

Do you plan to use or currently use voice chat in LOTRO?: Yes Do you currently participate in any sort of PvP in LOTRO?: Yes Do you plan to participate in any PvP?: Yes Are you interested in participating in raids?: Yes Do you have a regular group/person you play the game with, inside or outside the kin?: Yes If so, who?: My husband sometimes How did you hear about the kin?: Saw a chat channel ad If you can remember, please put the name of the member who got you to join, or the officer who invited you.: Furbees What area/country do you live in?: Central US/Canada What timezone are you in?: GMT -6 Use this area to add anything else you'd like to tell us.: I am a Mom with kids, and while I do have alot of time for lotro sometimes I may go afk or have to leave the keyboard midplay, not often but it happens sometimes. I have voice chat but I won't be using voice because of the noise level, but occasionally at night I may be able to use voice but I always have my ears on. I am one to always help if I am able. Do you agree to obey and follow the rules of the kinship, as long as you remain a member?: Yes

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