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re: SLOTRO - how's it going?


This is where we'll hold our plan for the upcoming week (the next entry) and following that is re-posted guidelines from Smelly's experience.


Go here for general discussion, comments, advice, suggestions. We'll build the plan from it.

Here's the participant's list 


If you have or need "stuff" for SLOTRO

-> 1 Cliff Road, Norhador, Belfalas Homesteads (cheapest house in the neighborhood)
-> 6 Roaring Road, Skoldrof, Thorin's Hall Homesteads (it snows on my house in a CAVE!) 



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re: SLOTRO - how's it going?





------- 16-Dec-2017-------


Level 20 Cap

The group decided there should be more time at this level for people to run the quest lines, epic, level a bit more. So, we'll hold at 20 for the coming week, or maybe longer. We're going to learn how to savor the game, almost but not completely UNLIKE a pack of wolves (we were like kids at a candy store - forgive us!).

Our eyes are on YOU, Great Barrow (but we're level 20, looking up at you at level 24 *gulp*)


9:30 AM Server - Wake up & Read the Spreadsheet (group up, hang out, tie up some loose ends... a kinmate)

10:15 Server - Coffee time at Bree's West Gate! (Ye' gotta muster - this many people takes some time to form a straight line!)

10:30 Server - The main course (we're going to hold to this!)

12:00 PM - we're maybe done with the key contents

12:01 PM - dessert - unscheduled goodies, entirely optional!


------- 9-Dec-2017 -------

Level 20 Cap

Complete! Well over a dozen showed up throughout the run, and we did so many thing's it's hard to keep track!

Tell us how it went for you in our discussion thread!


Preparation: Bring your character to level 20, minimum. If you've over-shot 1 or 2 levels, remember this is Away Shall Fade, we forgive you. 10 levels? We'll see you in a couple weeks. Hopefully you've moved along in the epic and are making your character very robust with questing and deeding and have your one exceptional virtue slotted (or will that be two?). Of course, please use Smelly's guide below for general guidelines and some fun things to do! We'll change things up a little bit as the guide at this level has no suggestions for group events - which we'll naturally augment image

... with SKIRMISHES - please do the skirm intro and get thee a soldier! [Lotro Player's Take on Skirmish Soldiers]



9:30AM server - Wake-up and smell the ....spreadsheet?

Just some time for unofficial grouping to run content in the intro areas. Great to get through slayer deeds this way. I think we'll have good attendance if people understand we're beginning to come on line at that time


10:15AM - Muster - wake-up and smell the coffee! Yeah, that's right!

CRAFTERS, do your duty! Time to wind down from running around the landscape. We woke up, now we'll buff up and group up and perhaps for this day, not split up.


10:30AM - Main Event


Level 20 Intro Skirmish areas. Do we dare t2?  Trouble in Tuckburough, Siege at Gondamon, Storm on Methadras! The wiki root page is here.


Bingo! We're Done

(12 PM)

It's scary when you group with ASF to not know when we'll be done!

------ or are we? ------


Bingo Boffin, anyone? Bingo Boffin is a rich LOTRO Story (with rich rewards!). Let's make a quick trip to Michel Delving and introduce ourselves! 

Bingo was introduced a couple years back, with the dev's supplying a new segment each week. It's a nice way to guide your leveling as well, though when it was introduced it could be tough to level in time for the next weekly segment.

Though our group time will close when we say 'hi' to Bingo, feel free to start questing through Middle Earth with this guy and some of your kinmates also! 


The above message is El-approved!


Suggestions for 16-Dec-2017 run:


Suggestions [updated 7-Dec]:

Finnok - starter zones like Ered Luin, The Shire and Bree-land, wait a bit for barrows
FinnokII - barrows is good! (Oz is deaf!!)
Gildorff - include a skraid
Elaelin - Bingo, Erebor

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Joined: 14 Oct 2013
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re: SLOTRO - how's it going?


Re-posting this content from retiredFRB / Smelly as our guiding light... until it changes image


Ok, very long post, these are the notes / guides I followed in Casual Wanderers on Crickhollow (the Kin is open to folks from all servers that want to do this style leveling). Several of us worked on skill deeds at the Moors training dummies and yes, we roamed around a bit.  I don't know for sure but think some of these folks are raiders as they worked to have very good / best gear at each level.


(I believe the follow was created by Arnenna)

start to lvl 20 or 22

Current Progression

The current level stop point is officially level 20, however, a few members wish to level to level 22, so they can more easily craft gear. This is fine, as there will likely be enough players reaching 22 (or a little more, or a little less) and we can adjust groups and contents to balance things. Whichever level you decide upon, you must stop leveling in striking distance of lvl 22. A stone of the Tortoise is available in store to prevent leveling. Either purchase and use one or avoid XP via content at that point.

This level stop is set until the End of April <2017> at least, and it has a few goals for players to strive toward.

Core Goals (Please prioritize these goals)
1. Do all the Epic as far as level 20. Once a quest shows as level 21, leave it in your quest log for the next level stop (no matter how tempted you may be) 
2. Complete all the skill deeds you have in your deed log (under Race and Epic) to your best ability.
3. Maximize your five chosen virtues by completing deeds within the Shire, Bree-land and Ered Luin (and only those three areas).
4. Maximize any racial deeds available to you at this point within the Shire, Bree-land and Ered Luin (and only those three areas).

Fun Goals
1. Dress up your character in pink for a day. When I say pink, I don't mean a shady looking red, I mean PINK! Take screenshots, for later use 
2. Do the Bingo Boffin quest line in the Shire, and get yourself a cute bunny for Easter.
3. /wink at every captain that you see.

Complete as much content in the Shire, Bree-land and Ered Luin as you wish. Eg, cover all quests, all deeds, tasks - anything you want, as long as it remains only in those three areas.


lvl 32 and holding

Time to play the hare for a while, with the next level stop set to level 32. Drop your tortoise stance and start motoring.

So without further ado . . . .

April 30th onward (we can add an end date after we see how people are getting on)

The areas we can cover.

Lone Lands and North Downs

You may cover as much of these two areas as you wish, but it is not mandatory to do it all.

Core goals

Update your class skills as and when you get new ones open up within the new level range.
Continue to grind your chosen virtues within the two zones.
Continue with the Epic story as far as it goes within level 20 – 30 (it will not surpass level 30 within these two regions). You can do the Weathertop instance solo if you want to, as there is always an opportunity to revisit it with a group to help others, or just for fun.
Continue with your crafting. At this level stop with its areas, you should become a member of the guild and start working through guild reputation, if you haven't already started it.

Fun Goals

Find something spiky looking to wear for a day.
Jump off Weathertop if you don’t mind chancing death.
Carry onward with Bingo Boffin within the Lone Lands, and earn yourself a Sleek Fox.
Scold (/scold) your fellow wanderers at any opportunity, let’s all get “Naughty”.


Cover as much content you wish within the two areas. Deeds, quests, tasks, everything you wish to do, just stay away from level 33 J
Those of you that wish to venture into higher zones for crafting mats may do so, at your own peril, but again, this is not mandatory.

Group Content for this stop

Garth Agarwen is the main instance cluster for this level stop, and covers Arboretum, Fortress and Barrows.
Weathertop Fellowship instance.
Stand at Amon Sul skirmish.
Siege of Gondamon skirmish.
Thievery and Mischief skirmish.
Storm on Methedras skirmish.
Attack at Dawn skirmish.

Fornost instance cluster is optional for those that wish to do it, though this is available at later levels so isn’t mandatory. There are four instances: Water, Earth, Fire and Shadow, which can be done on t1 or t2.

The Forsaken Inn instance is also optional for those that wish to do it. It can be scaled so can be done at any time.

You can start forming groups to run this content as soon as you are ready to take it on.

Still a little behind? Don't worry about it. The group content from our previous level 20 stop is scalable, so we can run it again within this level stop, or future level stops, to cover it for those that haven't managed it yet. No pressure is the name of the game guys, so just keeping it real :)


lvl 40 and holding

From June 1st, the new level cap is level 40.

Areas include Trollshaws and Evendim.

Core goals

Upgrade your class skills as far as you can within the level range.
Update your chosen virtues as far as you can within Trollshaws and Evendim.
Complete the Epic quest line within Trollshaws to level 40.
Continue your crafting and guild crafting.

Fun Goals

Continue your adventure with Bingo Boffin through to *Notes by the Author (Hall of Fire Rivendell), and earn yourself a Brown Squirrel.
Find Glimmertail, Mangetail, Steelmaw or Windscreamer and steal their adamant shards.
Cop a squat on the highest monument you can get to in Evendim, and take a screenshot.


Use Trollshaws and Evendim to complete as many quests, deeds and tasks that you wish.

Group Content for this level range

Revisits of all scaled content covered so far at your leisure.
Tome of Elendil (This is a challenging run on level, but a lot of fun. So try and make it for this if you can).
Ost Elendil
Haudh Valandil
The Ford of Bruinen
The Icy Crevasse


lvl 50 and holding

That time is here again guys. From Friday 7th July, its onward to the next stop, which is Level 50.

New Areas
Misty Mountains, Forochel, Angmar and Eregion.

You may do the Walls of Moria and part of Moria if you wish, but please take note***

Any gear that you earn in Moria, including legendary weapons will not be allowed to be used in the level 50 group content. Hold onto your pre-Moria gear.

All of this content was originally designed pre-Moria, before legendary/Moria gear.

Core Goals

Epic Book VI: The fires of the North
Epic Book VII: The hidden hope
Epic Book VIII: The scourge of the North
Epic Book IX: The shores of Evendim
Epic Book X: The city of Kings
Epic Book XI: Prisoner of the free peoples
Epic Book XII: The Ashen wastes
Epic Book XIII: Doom of the last king
Epic Book XIV: The ring forges of Eregion
Epic Book XV: Daughter of strife is optional, as it is level 51

That's a mighty big chunk of content. Congratulations on earning your Grey Steed if you do decide to do the last book.

Continue your class skill points within this level range.
Continue your virtue grind for your five chosen virtues within the four new areas we are covering.
Continue onward with your guild crafting.

Fun Goals (Optional)

/slap a Roving Threat in Angmar.
Leroy through Imlad Balchorth, and video it.
Continue your journey with Bingo Boffin and earn yourself a light brown goat at Gloins camp and an Umber goat at Gwingris.

Freetime (optional content)

Do as much of the content within the four areas as you wish, including all quests, deeds, tasks.

Group content for this level stop

A lot of Angmar quests require grouping. You can progress through the region without grouping and get the quest requirement for the quests in Angmar deed done, however, I highly suggest you buddy up with CW members when they are online and take on the harder stuff around Angmar as a group because it is a lot of fun.

Many of the Epic instance quests on this level stop have a group or solo option. Again, I would recommend you try to group for them. Goblin Town in Misty and Sarnur in Ered Luin (Thorin's Hall rep) are also a lot of fun when run as a group.


A Foul Wood (Gwingris, Eregion)
School and Library
Halls of Night
Barad Guluran
Carn Dum
The Rift


Barrow Downs Survival
Don't be fooled by it only being a single skirmish listed for this stop. Barrow Downs survival is complex and will take a very long time to complete in its entirety (we won't get it at this level stop, it;s a long term project).

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