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re: Seasonal Items: Moria Theme


Moria Bundle came out but there are a couple items now included individually. Also there is an item from the raid if you haven't seen it. If you scroll down the page here you can see the new stuff:

Wall-Mounted Club from The Anvil of Winterstith raid.
Hollin Gate Wall Engraving purchasable for 295 LP (no interaction; interior)
Moria Welcome Mat purchasable for 195 LP (no animation; exterior)

In the Update 23.4.1 Patch Notes, they decided to fill the "Curator" and "Filbert Fig" with a bunch of items that were originally from the lootboxes. Now available for Figments of Splendour:

Moria Crown Column, Door to Mazarbul Replica, Obsidian Wall Carving, Moria Ornamental Urn. (costs 1000 - 4000)
Alabaster Planter with Sunflowers, Alabaster Garden Table, Alabaster Garden Chair. (costs 1500 - 3000)
Corked Bottle (costs 1000)

There are a lot of additional cosmetics you can check out by the water fountain in Bree but a couple that stood out to me was Goat of Ered Mithrin (costs 5000) and the Tome of Orange/Green Worm (costs 2000)


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