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re: #3 Letter: Hidden Deeds


Resolina's Letter #3 (2/7/2020)
Deeds You Might Have Missed

There comes a point in every player's life that you have to wonder - Did I miss anything? There are plenty of Easter Eggs and Secret Spots to explore. Once you hit level 90 you can go back and get all those Treasure Caches and Roving Threats deeds. But there are a few specific deeds that aren't required to finish the area's meta deed. Some deeds are hidden until you achieve them. I'd like to highlight a few of those. Title Deeds are deeds that are listed in your deed log (Access using Shift + L) without offering lotro points. Hidden Deeds are deeds that do.

Title Deeds:

  1. Race & Social > Undefeated Deeds: By the time you learn of these deeds it is probably too late. If you managed to stay alive past a certain level, you will obtain one of these titles. Reach level 20 without dying and you obtain The Undying.
  2. Race & Social > Food Eating Deeds: Did you eat the Barrow-brie? Did you eat all the food the hobbits gave you in the Shire? One thing you might not have known about is the Pie-Eating Competition in the Bree Festival Grounds. Whip up some items yourself or find a local cook in the kinship that can provide you the food most of these titles. Make sure to keep track of what you ate because they could contribute to more than one deed at a time.
  3. Race & Social > Social Deeds: Did you cheer along some snow-beasts at the Yule Festival only to suddenly gain the ability to breathe fire? How about saluting your local Dale merchants only to gain /sword_salute? These aren't the only special emotes. If you are patient enough to use certain emotes 5 times a day (maximum allowed) at any npc in a period of 20 days (don't have to be all at once), you'll obtain most of these deeds. Check the list for additional details.
  4. Race & Social > The Adventures of Floid and Dewitt: Find these guys in the oddest places - Part 1 and Part 2.
  5. Fishing Deeds: Tired of fighting? Feel like a fish out of water. Misery likes company. Catch enough fish and get some nifty housing decorations to go up on your wall. If you happen to stop by Lake-town, you can grab the Here Fishy Fishy Fishy while going for that lovely Zander trophy. Don't forget to gloat if by some miracle you catch a 50lb Salmon for the Salmon-King title.
  6. Angmar > Hidden Threats of Angmar: Included after the release of the legendary server, they snuck in an additional title for killing the two bosses in Angmar. The title is, literally, a Hidden Gem.
  7. (Instances) In Their Absence > Mysterious Relics: Five stones foreshadow the Ost Dunhoth raid in Enedwaith. Can you find them all?
  8. Eastern Rohan: Rohan has quite a few random deeds that don't award lotro points like... Boar-Hunter of the Eastemnet, exploring the Chambers of Byrgenstow, and discovering the Nurseries of the Wyrmdelf
  9. Concern for a Friend: Thoughtful Friend is one interesting title many may not know about. If you finish Volume III: Book 4: Rise of Isengard - that quest where Saruman talks directly to you, mentions something specific to your class, and says he found out about you from Nar - you can return to the recluse dwarf for this title.
  10. The Secret Stone: There was a massive community treasure hunt where you had to find all the tome scraps in around the Strongholds of the North in old chests and decode their message. Fortunately for you, you don't have to anymore since all the information is on the wiki. If you finished Introduction: Northern Mirkwood and find the tome inside Erebor, just follow their guide and you'll obtain Goat of Erebor's Royal Guard.

Hidden Deeds:

  1. Ered Luin > Avenger of Sarnur - Defeat the following 6 bosses in Sarnur. The have a long respawn time of around 4 to 8 hours in case you don't see them.
  2. Eregion > Exploration from Top to Bottom - Remember doing Volume III - Book 2: Chapter 7? This is the place.
  3. Eregion > Ridge Racer - Did you ever wonder if you could get to that tower way up on the hills of Eregion? Well... you can.
  4. Enedwaith > Fisher King - Boy those hobbits are sneaky. They find the best fishing holes.
  5. Enedwaith > Exiles from the Lonely Mountain - Dwarves have to mark everything, don't they?
  6. Enedwaith > Little Wonders - Though I guess hobbits can create just a big a mess.
  7. Enedwaith > Path of the Grey Company - Getting tired of Enedwaith yet?
  8. Enedwaith > Master of Stairs - Just a few more steps to go! Travel up and down Nar's Peak a few times and tell your friends you'll never miss Leg Day again.
  9. Moria Upper Levels > A Deep Well - If all the dwarves jumped down the well then I might not have died on my way down.
  10. Moria > The Pits of Moria - A bit trickier than just falling down a well. You have to hit the right spots in 6 locations for this Blind Leaper title.
  11. Moria > Reflections - Ever wonder why Moria is so dark? Maybe you should turn some of those mirrors so it wouldn't be so bad.
  12. Lothlorien > The Defence of Lorien - Remember when we died going to Caras Galadhon? Good times. Complete the Lothlorien Preparations at the front gate to open Battle of Lorien. Carry the flag to each of the four orc encampments while defending the elves once a day, a total of ten times, for these deeds.
  13. Lothlorien > Flet-runner Challenges - Run across the tree tops they said. It will be fun they said. 'Tis a silly place I say.
  14. Dunland > Tracking An Old Goat - There used to be a time when you couldn't go back and do these few quests in the forest. You should be able to now.
  15. Dunland > The Gatekeepers of Isengard - Is it me or do they always have two trolls guarding the gate? Kill these for the Gatecrasher title.
  16. Southern Mirkwood > Mirkwood Tower Climber - "Hey momma! Look at me! I made it to the top!"
  17. Great River > The Spirits of the Limlight - Not only do you have to visit all the ruins and talk to Ordhrien but you have to roam around at night to finish this deed.
  18. Eastern Gondor > The Five Sisters - Find the 5 Tribute Baskets for the water spirits. Say hi to Silverfroth while you are there. She's my favorite.
  19. Gorgoroth > Hidden Threats of Gorgoroth - Mordor doesn't just have scourges to take care of. They have to add another layer of mini-bosses to fight.
  20. Vales of Anduin > Jumped At the Chance - I can make it across that bridge! Just you watch!
  21. (Instances) Shadows of Angmar > The Slugs of Carn Dum - Couldn't we have some friendly snails instead?
  22. (Instances) Rise of Isengard > Thoroughbred - Finally! The Blessing of Elaelin works with me! I get a deed from hopelessly running into a troll for once.
  23. Race & Social > Cartographile: Eriador - Collect all the maps in Eriador! Win a prize!
  24. Race & Social > Cartographile: Moria - Collect all the maps and then see about giving them to the dwarves. They really need them.
  25. Race & Social > Quests in the Cape of Belfalas - Do the 7 quests in the Belfalas Housing District for this one.
  26. Race & Social > Boar Slayer - I let my sword do the talking for me. Kill a boar in each zone to get this deed.
  27. Epic > The Lay of Rust and Rime - I feel like I should include the episodic content from Strongholds of the North on this list.

Did you know that... there are currently over 1,000 titles in the game?

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