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re: About This Forum Section


What is Learning LOTRO?

Learning LOTRO is a weekly series in the gaming blog Gamer Reverie which is published by kin member Birle (that's me!). There's a new entry every Monday. The series is meant for newcomers to the game, to help them understand basics and some of the tips and tricks long-time players have learned over time. The series can also help veteran players learn something they may have missed or inspire them to find more to love in the game.


What is Gamer Reverie?

Gamer Reverie is a gaming blog by Birle (me!) which was started at about the same time I joined the kin in 2017. It was originally meant to supplement my Extra Life endeavors throughout the year, but has gradually become something bigger and better. It is still fuel for my Extra Life fundraising, but in the last six months I have been cultivating it to be more useful and on-topic for LOTRO players specifically since it is my #1 game of choice. In addition to Learning LOTRO on Mondays, there's also Wishlist Wednesday and Soundtrack Saturday -- and extra entries for special things whenever they fit! The blog will very soon be moving to its very own domain and custom-built website!


Who is Birle?

I am Birle! If you don't do social media much, you've probably seen at least one of my alts in the game (21 characters on Landroval, 11 on Arkenstone, and a new batch growing on an undisclosed server just for the Learning LOTRO series). During the week, you can most easily find me on Discord in the Mod group -- just look for the flame emoji! I'm also active in the Facebook group and share just about anything related to LOTRO that I can -- from quizzes to memes to character articles to ebook deals. My first name there is Carla, and I've earned the Visual Storyteller label. No idea why. /sarcasm  I've been playing LOTRO since 2012 and my Arkenstone kin was originally on Elendilmir. LOTRO was my first MMO, and though I've tried others... this is the one I always come back to.


Why is this in the forums?

El encouraged me to set this up so people who might not use Facebook or Discord (like her, lol) would have the opportunity to see the series for themselves and respond to it if they choose, as well as see what I do to promote Extra Life and LOTRO through my passion for writing.


How can I support this?

If you like the Learning LOTRO series -- or better yet, everything you see in Gamer Reverie -- you can support the effort directly by pledging on Patreon. $3 opens up the patron-only feed, and $5 gives you all the early access you could want to the Learning LOTRO series. I have more ideas and content on the back burner, just waiting for some patrons to fuel the fire to accomplish them! 





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