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re: App: Senarthor

The application submitted by Senarthor is as follows:

Name : Senarthor
Game : Lord of the Rings Online
Server : Landroval
Level : 22
Gender : Male
Race : Elf
Class : Lore-master

What is the name of your main character?:

List the names of any other characters you have.:
Freeps (all non-PVP): Fordil (The Alliance), Cylbert (The Alliance), Aurun, Thornelas, Nosdun, Bregod, Framberra, Thirglos, Senarthir
Creeps (All in Nimrodel Exiles): Nelbobeth, Griparsh, Kuzgush, Nurzok, Bagukh

If so, please list which ones and anything about your accomplishments. (Guild leader, raider, etc.):
First officer role in Servents of the Secret Fire on Firefoot, within 3 months after joining. Later created my own kin there (Defenders of Valinor). Joined Landroval about 2 years before server merges. Joined The Alliance and got promoted to officer a month later. When the original leader left, I entered the Leadership Council together with Leinhad and Ralia. Held that position for several years until I voluntarily stepped down due to inactivity.

Do you plan to use or currently use voice chat in LOTRO?:

Do you currently participate in any sort of PvP in LOTRO?:

Do you plan to participate in any PvP?:

Are you interested in participating in raids?:

Do you have a regular group/person you play the game with, inside or outside the kin?:

If so, who?:
I am still a respected member in The Alliance and try to join their weekly Roving Threat raid on Saturday afternoon (3PM servertime), after which I often run Draigoch. Other than that I often participate in the Saturday evening raids in the Moors.

How did you hear about the kin?:
Met a kin member

If you can remember, please put the name of the member who got you to join, or the officer who invited you.:
(Nimrodel Exiles)

What area/country do you live in?:
Western Europe

What timezone are you in?:
GMT +1

Use this area to add anything else you'd like to tell us.:
I'm a relaxed guy but the completionist in me is strong. I don't really go about breaking rules but if you see me do something frisky it's most likely because I'm unaware so please inform me and all should be good. I also gathered quite a bit of knowledge about the game in the 8+ years that I played and have written a new player guide which I can post here on the forums too if wanted. If I can help with anything, let me know and I will usually lend a hand!

Do you agree to obey and follow the rules of the kinship, as long as you remain a member?:

Main in AFS: Senarthor

Other characters on Landy: Fordil (mini, The Alliance), Cylbert (Burg, The Alliance), Aurun (guard),  Bregod (cappy), Framberra (warden), Nosdun (RK), Senarthir (hunter), Thirglos (bear)

Creeps: Nelbobeth (spider R7), Kuzgush (WL R6), Bagukh (Def R6), Nurzok (Warg R6), Griparsh (BA R3)
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