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re: App: Decidruis

The application submitted by Decidruis is as follows:

Name : Decidruis
Game : Lord of the Rings Online
Server : Landroval
Level : 130
Gender : Male
Race : Race of Man
Class : Captain

What is the name of your main character?:

Do you plan to use or currently use voice chat in LOTRO?:

Do you currently participate in any sort of PvP in LOTRO?:

Do you plan to participate in any PvP?:

Are you interested in participating in raids?:

Do you have a regular group/person you play the game with, inside or outside the kin?:

How did you hear about the kin?:
Met a kin member

If you can remember, please put the name of the member who got you to join, or the officer who invited you.:

What area/country do you live in?:
Western US/Canada

What timezone are you in?:

Use this area to add anything else you'd like to tell us.:
1: I am usually not that talkative.... unless im talked to or I, myself initiate the conversation.

2: I do try my best to listen and act, however I do have ADHD (although its lessened over time), so please forgive me if I don't immediately respond, take action or call out things in raids/instances.

3: I pride myself on my metalsmithing (crafting), so I like to help newer players or toons who ask in chat and see if they would like some gear for me to craft them. Essentially, i try to be positive and helpful.

4: Unfortunately, I play in waves (play for a long time till i lose interest, then i take a break for a long time; rinse and repeat). So there might be times where i'm not playing lotro for an extended period of time.

5: In regards to loot table rolling, i tend to ask what i'm looking for first and if someone else needs it..I usually let them have it first (unless its the other type of loot distribution, in which case everyone gets something).

6: finally, I mainly want a more personal kin/guild experience that is iconic with older mmos like lotro and having been burned out on "super hardcore-min/maxing" kins i just grew sick and tired of competitive endgame mainly because of the impersonal philosophy/atmosphere of most kins. The word to best describe it would be "robotic", it doesn't feel natural to me. luckily, So far this kin "Away shall fade" seems to be right up my alley, casual endgame is where i enjoy the endgame the most.

Do you agree to obey and follow the rules of the kinship, as long as you remain a member?:

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