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re: App: Halvarthandui

The application submitted by Halvarthandui is as follows:

Name : Halvarthandui
Game : Lord of the Rings Online
Server : Landroval
Level : 60
Gender : Male
Race : High Elf
Class : Captain

What is the name of your main character?:

List the names of any other characters you have.:
I have several other characters, none are currently actively being played though I do occasionally pop over to them for short stints - most for crafting: Aedferth (55 Man champ), Beoldrid (67 Man Hunt), Celerien (55 Woman Mini), Dyrfast (104 Beo), Elliefern (55 Woman Burg), Fruba (36 Hobbit Guard), Gilchalas (34 Elf LM), Isadona (27 Hobbit Ward), Jhaluz (19 SA Mini), Khardoin (57 Dwarf RK), and Tosinli (85 Dwarf RK).

If so, please list which ones and anything about your accomplishments. (Guild leader, raider, etc.):
(It is not clear what the 'If so, please list which ones' refers to but I'm going to make a guess.) Some of my other chars are part of other kins, most of which are simply my placeholders for Kinhouses/storage.

Khardoin was the Kin 2nd of 'There and Back Again' on Legendary Ithil for about a year, handling most of the admin side of things (inactive player mgmnt, kin bank, kin house decos, etc). I stepped down and was inactive for more than a year, and imported him to Landroval when the server closed instead of following the other players to Anor. I have very limited experience in group play due to time zone conflicts.

Do you plan to use or currently use voice chat in LOTRO?:

Do you currently participate in any sort of PvP in LOTRO?:

Do you plan to participate in any PvP?:

Are you interested in participating in raids?:

Do you have a regular group/person you play the game with, inside or outside the kin?:

If so, who?:
I most often run with Gambeth and Goodtoucher.

How did you hear about the kin?:
Met a kin member

If you can remember, please put the name of the member who got you to join, or the officer who invited you.:

What area/country do you live in?:
Western US/Canada

What timezone are you in?:
GMT -8

Use this area to add anything else you'd like to tell us.:
For the most part, I prefer SLotRO and light RP play. All of my characters have a Stone of the Tortoise. I like reading the quest dialogs. I have only reached the game cap once (lvl 85). I am primarily experienced in solo game play.

I occasionally drop off the game for extended periods of time. Most often, this is unplanned and I generally am not aware of how long it has been until next I sign in and find everything changed and all my skills reset. I do try to keep up with web & chat outside of the game.

Do you agree to obey and follow the rules of the kinship, as long as you remain a member?:

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