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what content as a kin would you like to see run and be a part of
BG, SG, Helegrod wings at lvl 85 (7/40)
Orthanc raids and Saruman (lvl 75) (3/40)
Draigoch (lvl 75) (0/40)
In Their Absence Quest Line - NCF / SH / LT / SS / Ost Dunhoth Raids (currently lvl 65) (7/40)
Old Time Classics from Angmar - Rift / CD / Uru / BG (lvl 50ish) or Moria (lvl 54 - 60) (8/40)
Smaller groups - want to try the newer 3man runs (6/40)
Skirmishes at all levels and all sizes (9/40)
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