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re: Aria a High Elf Hunter?


(I hope you liked the little play on words)

[21-Dec-2017 Update] By popular demand, SSG became more generous with the class trait tomes sold by class trainers. I think it effectively puts  you in Eastern Gondor, trait-wise. Virtues are still 1/2-baked, so it's a matter of hitting the low-level regions to get the quick & dirty virtue points done. I'm kinda glad I revisited Mirkwood and forward, regardless, and there are still the quest locks to attend to. Traits, not so much. You'll be shy of 80 trait points, but that's not so bad.



--------------- here begins the (irrelevant) archaeological dig ----------------

What I intend to do here is capture my thoughts, speculations and decisions as I continue helping my High Elf recover from his bitter 2nd age experience, as his Aria dosage left him a little pale (even for an elf). I hope you'll consider refining or adding to my points, suggestions, trials and tribulations or perhaps add another entry tailored to your particular race and class so ASF has a recovery plan for their kinnies and friends - Oz

I think I can re-edit this content at any time so the forum chain doesn't explode as I add new content. We'll see. I'll fill this in as more story-fashion, then maybe come back and pre-pend all that with a cookbook to spare you the deep dive.


So, yes, I took the plunge.

Maybe not the most popular decision... there was council against it... caveat emptor (I notice Finnok has been exemplary in setting off sticky fungi around my high elf - pure coincidence, I wonder?). Regardless, it was done with eyes open. As we know, eyes can be a little error-prone. To keep from being a boat anchor for our groups (more so than usual!), I knew I would need to rerun older content. Would that be lvl 45, 50, less, more?  


And then, I picked a HUNTER.

I was going to be running all over the place! With a kin that's so good about running the game board stem-to-stern, I didn't want to leave any instances unlocked and try the patience of others while I rode here, there and back again to discover this door, that cavern, or worse - to run part of the epic to unlock and effectively needing to go to the corner for a time-out while the group played on. On the flip-side, to run with traits and virtues at 60% would basically make the kin an escort service for me in Mordor. As nice as everyone is, it has the feel of being an inpatient at a hospital. 


Why do all roads lead to Moria especially with those pitfalls? 

(to be continued)

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