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re: Very Crude Guide to Midsummer Festival



(You can zoom into the map by opening it in another tab)

1. South Bree or Housing Stable -> Minas Tirith (Midsummer)
2. "In Celebration of Midsummer" Wrapper Quest
3. "Aiding the Stable-Hands" Inside Barn
4. Stable -> High Stable Dismount as soon as possible to reach ramp
5. "Lightning in a Bottle" (and accept 1 of the 4 firefly quests available), "Something Floral", "To the Last Drop" , "What Ales You", "Wedding Supplies"
6. "Tasty Morsels"
7. "Arranging Arrangements", "Floral Crowns"
8. (1 of 9 Banquet quests available) *Only available after Chapter 7 of Epic*
9. High Stables -> City Stables
10. "Floral Crowns"
11. "Artistic Directions"
12. "Toss a Coin" Splintered Shield & Update "What Ales You"
13. Mumak and Keep Update "What Ales You"
14. "Growing Pains" & Update to "Artistic Directions"
15. "Unhelpful Hounds"
16. Update to "Artistic Directions"
17. "Honouring Healers" and 4 "Without a Hitch" Crafting Quests inside Crafting Hall & Update "Wedding Supplies"
18. "Sweet Treats" & Update "Artistic Directions", "Wedding Supplies"
19. Merry Swan Update "What Ales You", "Arranging Arrangements"
20. Update "Tasty Morsels"
21. "Something Misplaced, Something Blue" & Update "Arranging Arrangements" (only 1 if you did Merry Swan)
22. Update "Arranging Arrangments"
23. "Love is in the Air" & Update "Something Floral" (4 floor level, 2 upper level)
24. Thirsty Seer Update "What Ales You"
25. House of Healing (Door says House of Remedies) Update "Honouring Healers"
26. High Halls (Door also says House of Remedies) "A Cure for All Ills"
27. Turn in Everything!


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