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re: Radagast's Critter Guide from Resolina


Critter Guide

Critter Guide
Radagast Befriend Critter Guide


Ered Luin
1. Bree -> Celondim -> Duillond -> Thrasi's Lodge -> Northeast to River Lune (Goat)

1. Evendim -> Oatbarton -> East (Note: Mysterious Relic)
2. Oatbarton -> Brockenborings -> West to Overhill
3. Follow road south through Hobbiton to Green Hill Country (Badger)
4. Head east across Brandywine Bridge, north to Brandy Hills

North Downs
1. Esteldin -> West to Gatson's Farm (Chicken)

1. Bree -> Bree-Land Festival Grounds Horse -> East to Far Chetwood (Chicken)

1. Ost Guruth -> South to Harleog (Note: Might not have quest ring)
2. Esteldin -> Rivendel -> High Moors Horse -> North (Note: Mustering Horn)
3. Esteldin -> Rivendel -> Echad Candelleth -> Follow road south, continue south past cottage until river, immediate north up hill. (Bird)
// Optional Route #3: Gwingris in Eregion -> Follow road northeast past log bridge to cottage, south until river, immediate north up hill. //

1. Echad Dunann -> Northeast close to Red Horn Pass
2. North to Hollin Ridge (Goat)

1. Harndirion -> East to Thoor's Comb (Note: Mustering Horn)
2. Harndirion -> Maur Tulhau -> North (Chicken)
3. South to Gloomglens (Note: Mustering Horn)
4. South to Mournshaws (Raven)
// Wayfaring: Hunters/Wardens port to Harndirion, Others port to Lhanuch //

1. Galtrav -> Lhas Rhos -> South (Turtle)
2. Galtrav -> Rohirric Scout-Camp -> West (Note: Forest has 1 minute root traps)
3. Galtrav -> Forthbrond -> South through gate, immediate east up hill

Great River
1. Stangard -> Limlight Gorge -> West (Bird)
2. Limlight Gorge -> Thinglad -> Northeast (Badger)
3. Thinglad -> Rushgore -> North (Note: Might randomly disappear)

1. Snowbourne -> Parth Galen -> North (Turtle)
2. Aldburg -> Stoke -> Northwest (Bunny)
3. Aldburg -> Ost Rimmon -> North (Turtle)
// Optional Route #3: War-stead of the Rohirrim -> Follow road west, north //

1. Minas Tirith -> Calembel -> East (Bunny)
2. Arnach -> North to Imloth Melui (Chicken)
3. Camp of the Host -> Northwest to Dead Marshes Portal (Turtle)

Eryn Lasgalen
1. Dale -> Lake-Town -> South (Turtle)
2. Lake-Town -> Tham Taerdol (Badger)

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