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re: App: Amelthir

The application submitted by Amelthir is as follows:

Name : Amelthir
Game : Lord of the Rings Online
Server : Landroval
Level : 140
Gender : Male
Race : Elf
Class : Warden

What is the name of your main character?:

What is the name of your first alt? (If any):

What is the name of your second alt? (If any):

What is the name of your third alt? (If any):

List the names of any other characters you have.:
Oersted, Adinthir, Tarinthir, Elaldion, Arinadir, Adinadir

If so, please list which ones and anything about your accomplishments. (Guild leader, raider, etc.):

Do you plan to use or currently use voice chat in LOTRO?:

Do you currently participate in any sort of PvP in LOTRO?:

Do you plan to participate in any PvP?:

Are you interested in participating in raids?:

Do you have a regular group/person you play the game with, inside or outside the kin?:

If so, who?:
Tig, Aradella, Adire

How did you hear about the kin?:
Met a kin member

If you can remember, please put the name of the member who got you to join, or the officer who invited you.:
Tig, Aradella

What area/country do you live in?:
Western US/Canada

What timezone are you in?:
GMT -7

Use this area to add anything else you'd like to tell us.:
Play casually mostly now, but do enjoy a challenge and raiding when have time. Have had a blast with Tig and Aradella, hence my interest in Away Shall Fade. I have been playing since the beginning of Lotro, except took a year+ off. Have been in raiding kins including Defenders of Mithril Halls, Guardians of Dagorlad, Titans, played moors on and off both sides. Have led raids in the past, but currently don't focus on that much at all. I am content to let others lead. I like to help others though. Currently playing mostly with my son, Adire. Currently in Florida, my daughter is training here for tennis, but our home is in Cali. I also enjoy running, playing tennis, and gaming of course :)

Do you agree to obey and follow the rules of the kinship, as long as you remain a member?:

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