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Level 69 Dwarf Champion
Level 43 Race of Man Champion
Level 20 Dwarf Guardian
Level 74 Race of Man Hunter
Level 25 Hobbit Guardian
Level 35 Elf Hunter
Level 45 Elf Champion
Level 41 High Elf Warden
Level 53 Elf Champion
Level 60 Hobbit Minstrel
Level 79 Race of Man Guardian
Level 77 Elf Rune-keeper
Level 31 Elf Minstrel
Level 30 Elf Minstrel
Level 130 Race of Man Captain
Level 11 High Elf Minstrel
Level 3 Race of Man Captain
Level 130 Race of Man Captain
Level 46 Race of Man Captain
Level 65 High Elf Rune-keeper
Level 60 Race of Man Lore-master
Level 23 Elf Hunter
Level 43 Elf Lore-master
Level 65 Race of Man Guardian
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